05 Jan 2018

How the Impact Collaborators program provides peer support to member companies

Impact Hub ColLABorators was created by the Fall 2017 Host cohort. They saw a need for an event that was not only social and provided networking opportunities, but had enough structure to foster productive conversations where members can serve as a resource to one another.

Impact ColLABorators is a monthly event facilitated by Thriving Communities Network in which a member peer group engages in a brainstorming session to address the growth challenges of a featured member organization.

The goals of this event are:

  • To build a peer-to-peer support network within the Impact Hub.
  • To identify clear next-step action items that the featured organizations can take to address their challenges, and to grow as a result of IH support.
  • To provide more member benefits to the IH community.
  • To gauge/capture the impact that a IH Membership can have on organizations’ growth & development.
  • To educate more of our community on what fellow member organizations are doing and general organizational knowledge/skills.

To date the ColLABorators has featured 3 organizations: Student Circle, Convoy Coffee/Salmonberry Goods, and Samaritan. Each of these organizations are very different from one another and face unique sets of challenges.

Student Circle had a two-fold marketing challenge, and the brainstorming group was able to help founder Theo Eftimiades shed some light on his past and present efforts, and see the value in trying some new approaches. Theo described the benefits of his participation, explaining how “the group helped me bring up a lot of issues that I had lost perspective on. When you’re running the business as a solo entrepreneur, there’s no one to remind you, ‘hey, you need to be doing this,’ so it was so useful to have the group bring to light things I didn’t even realize were issues.”

Convoy Coffee was able to gain valuable insight into how to break into a whole new market with their baked goods product line. Convoy Coffee founders, Alex and David, said of the event, “we took away a great list of to-do’s that is an excellent reference point for us to come back to when we’re designing our strategy from this, and we feel like we really got a great tool for moving forward out of the ColLABorators event.”

Samaritan had an engaging discussion about how to get all of the stakeholders in their mission to increase communication and collaboration. Founder Jonathan discussed that inspired by the feedback he received at the event, he has been exploring ways to increase value for his Partner organizations. His team is even working on new features to be built into the app as a result of the suggestions of the ColLABorators brainstorming group.

After 3 successful months of ColLABorators the team is excited to move forward continuing to develop the program and increase the member benefits for Impact Hub members.  Our 2018 series will kick off January 19th and will be held the 3rd Friday morning of each month.  Light breakfast will be served!   

Who can participate in ColLABorators?  Any Impact Hub member!  The engine of this program is driven by member participation and engagement, and we encourage all our members to contribute.  There are 2 ways to participate:

  1. Peer participant – You’ll listen and share ideas and feedback for the featured organization.  RSVP by clicking here to let us know you’re coming!
  2. Be the the featured organization – is your organization or business experiencing a growth challenge?  Let’s discuss it and help you make breakthroughs!  Email Merilee(at)impacthubseattle.com to register your interest.

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