20 May 2018

Constant Gardeners: how Impact Hub’s Host Team cultivates community

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What Is An Impact Hub Host?

By Merilee Jones, Impact Hub Seattle’s Operations Manager

When I first stepped into my role as Operations Manager, my first task was to take the reins of the Host Program and get a new cohort off the ground. I felt ridiculous trying to ‘teach’ our newest hosts how to host seeing as I barely knew anything myself! With the grace and guidance of colleagues, veteran hosts, and members we made it through that phase together.

In getting to know the program and listening to hosts’ needs, I heard two common themes:


  1. figure out how to work better together as a team, and…
  2. have a greater impact on the Impact Hub community.

Those two threads can be followed through to today, in that our Host Program structure is based around input from the hosts themselves and what they have built to creatively and effectively solve problems. They are an incredibly emotionally intelligent, caring and competent group and they are always asking how they as a team can be of greater value to Impact Hub.

Something that is really special about the host program is the virtuous cycle of it. Hosts help support Impact Hub as a catalyst, an incubator, a haven, a campus, an inspiration. Hosts can leverage those opportunities and tools in exchange for their time and expertise. A virtuous cycle!

Over the past year we have seen Hosts make the most of their community participation to launch businesses, win awards, create programs and reach life milestones as well as make tangible impacts on the Impact Hub community. Some of those impacts are:

  • Offering programs related to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Presenting Lunch + Learns
  • Organizing our coffee program
  • Using the Host Program as a platform for giving back to our community
  • Greeting and providing concierge services to all who enter our doors
  • Building a bridge of communication between staff and members
  • Identifying and creating procedures that help the daily operations run smoothly for all members
  • Making connections that bring countless new faces into our community
  • Coming up with the concept of ‘Hubos,’ our community version of a ‘Kudos,’ that we use to call out appreciation and give gratitude to one another

In so many ways Hosts are the constant gardeners of Impact Hub. Their consistent, joyful dedication to keeping the day to day growing and thriving is a ballast of our community.

Some hosts may laugh at my flowery language (and bad, bad puns :c), but we really couldn’t be the community we are without them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with all our hosts and really can’t thank them enough for all they do.

Hubos to all our hosts, past and present, who keep this amazing space and community in motion every day!

Learn more about the Host Program and apply to join the team by visiting this link.

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