17 Jun 2018

Hubcast Episode 2: The Building(s)

Episode Length: 42:10

In this week’s episode of Hubcast, hear our building owner’s story from his grandfather’s immigration to the United States, how he built a small business that eventually became a fixture of the neighborhood. Bob Masin discusses the evolution of his family’s’ furniture business – why he and his son chose to relocate the furniture store to Bellevue – opening a piece of real estate that would eventually be home to Impact Hub Seattle.

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This episode was recorded, engineered and produced in-house at Impact Hub Seattle. 

  • Produced by Jonnie Wilder, Zipbangwow Productions – jonnie[at]zipbangwow.com
  • Music by Natalia Fandel, Community Manager – Natalia[at]impacthubseattle.com
  • Hosted by Sarah Studer, Managing Director of Impact Hub – Sarah[at]impacthubseattle.com
  • Show notes by Benjamin Bell – ben[at]impacthubseattle.com
  • Recorded onsite in the Hangout Room, 5-person conference room available to rent!
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