11 Jun 2018

Mapping Seattle’s Social Innovation Ecosystem

Announcing a new Impact Hub Seattle initiative – download our full plan

Since Impact Hub Seattle was founded over 5 years ago, we’ve learned that the gap between what is possible in terms of social innovation in Seattle and our day-to-day reality is baffling. The outcomes and innovation as a result of passion, money and effort being spent are underwhelming, as can be observed on a daily basis with people experiencing homelessness just outside our windows.

We believe that the answer to these challenges is a shift in mindset that leads to more collaboration and innovation across boundaries. We don’t need smarter individuals or new technological solutions, but a more effective way to coordinate our resources, efforts and financial meansImpact Hub is uniquely situated to take up the role of the convener and facilitator of this approach. Not only do we have a neutral space and credibility as part of a global network of change-makers, our network connects the worlds of community organizing, funding, government, entrepreneurship and foundations.

Impact Hub has partnered with Tina Maloney and Perennial Leadership to design and lead this effort. Over the next months, we are testing the waters to see what this approach could look like. We will explore Seattle’s social innovation ecosystem and how we can address our most complex social challenges, using the tools of design- and systems thinking.

In the first phase, we plan to host the following sessions:

  • 2-hour mapping sessions for points of view of the various stakeholder groups in our ecosystem. Join for one or more and contribute. Take the result home with you and learn the basics of system mapping. Tickets are $20 and 50% discounted for members. Join for one and get free entry to the final session to receive outcomes from all individual sessions. 
  • Weekly meetups on Wednesday afternoons for an informal discussion about systems mapping and design for social innovation. Stop by and join the conversation. Sign up here to let us know you’re coming.
  • Ask us for a deep dive in a focus area of your concern. These will priced at $2,000, including preparation and outcome summary. If you are willing to share the outcomes, a 50% discount applies.

All Impact Hub-sponsored system maps will be available under creative commons. We will be communicating in our regular channels (newsletter, website and in our space on 220 2nd Ave S). Find detailed information below and impacthubseattle.com/events.

We invite everybody to join the conversation – contact us: Tina Maloney (tina.perennial@gmail.com) and Kristian Bolk (kristian@impacthubseattle.com).

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