8am - 10am

CLOSED: Severe Weather

As of Monday, February 11, we are currently defaulting to Seattle Public School’s closure recommendations if conditions remain hazardous. We’ll send another update by 8am Tuesday, February 12, if there are any changes.

What do we mean by “CLOSED”?

  • The front door of the building will be locked.  There will be no staff or Hosts on-site.
  • Only Members with keycards will be able to access the buildings. The door in between buildings will remain locked.
  • The HVAC will be on during business hours but no temperature adjustments can be made.
  • The cleaning crews will also have a break.  If you see them in the building, they are working on deeper maintenance projects.  So, especially during this time, please clean up any mess you make.
  • We will not be brewing coffee daily and Convoy Coffee will be closed.
  • NO shipments from UPS, FedEx, DHL or other couriers will be accepted – please arrange to have items delivered elsewhere.
  • USPS mail and packages will be delivered when we re-open.
  • If you are on-site and you notice that assistance may be needed outside with garbage, waste, someone sleeping in the doorway, etc. – please call the Metropolitan Improvement District to report the issue at (206) 441-3303.

Quick Info

  • February 12, 2019
  • 8am - 10am
  • closure,
  • Full Building