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21 Jun 2017

Michael B. Maine

There’s nothing like opening up the newspaper and finding an Impact Hub member on the front page!

Long-time Impact Hub member and resident photographer Michael B. Maine’s recent appointment as President of the Board of Reel Grrls was featured in a Seattle Times article last week. Reel Grrls is a local organization whose mission is to support young people to explore, critique and author media through a feminist lens. Michael is the seventh board president of the organization and the first male-identified person to hold the title.

From the article: “Feminism is not just a women’s issue,” he said. “That’s probably the biggest thing that I would hope this kind of situation portrays. Everybody can care about equal rights and equal access for anybody.

21 Jun 2017

City Under One Roof

City Under One Roof is a documentary project in photographs, writing and archival materials about the town of Whittier, Alaska. A former World War II military base, Whittier is accessible by land only through a 2.6-mile-long tunnel, which until 2000 could only be traversed by railroad. Today most of the community’s 200 residents live in one of two enormous buildings, remnants from the former base, and drive through the single-lane tunnel on an alternating schedule: in on the bottom of the hour, out on the top.

View the incredible images of a city under one roof, as captured by Impact Hub member Jen Kinney!