29 May 2018

[Watch Now] Stories of Resilience: Indigenous Womxn of Seattle

This is a recording of Impact Hub Seattle’s first “Stories of Resilience” event – an evening of stories from resilient and powerful Indigenous women. These stories, told by Native women, resisting the colonial mindset and forging new pathways that are rooted in the ancient traditions of our ancestors. Modern expressions of the visions of those who have gone before, reclaiming what was lost and reframing for the generations to come.

The stories were curated by Colleen Echohawk-Hayashi and Abigail Echo-Hawk.

Proceeds from ticket sales were donated to the Chief Seattle Club ( https://www.chiefseattleclub.org/ ) and the Urban Indian Health Institute ( http://www.uihi.org/ ).

This event took place Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 at Impact Hub Seattle. To attend future Stories of Resilience events, visit http://www.impacthubseattle.com/events/

0:10 Intro by Steve Johnson, CEO of Impact Hub Seattle

1:49 Intro by Colleen Echohawk and Abigail Echo-Hawk

8:38 Intro to Abigail Echo-Hawk

9:58 Abigail Echo-Hawk

18:58 Intro to Camie Goldhammer

20:18 Camie Goldhammer

34:19 Intro to Robin Little Wing Sigo

35:30 Robin Little Wing Sigo

45:39 Intro to Megan Bang

47:04 Megan Bang

56:39 Intro to Sara Marie Ortiz

58:34 Sara Marie Ortiz

1:08:27 Intro to Ester Lucero

1:09:26 Ester Lucero

1:19:25 Intro to Valerie Segrest

1:20:39 Valerie Segrest

1:35:37 Intro to Colleen Echohawk

1:36:47 Colleen Echohawk

1:44:48 Farewell

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